Monday, March 5, 2007

Why we are losing the war on drugs.

As early as 2 years-old children are forced to smoke pot by teenagers. How can we combat that when young children are already hooked? Many liberals seem to be pro-illicit drugs and want to legalize them. Now young children are not only being indoctrinating into pro-illicit drugs, they are also being forced to use them as well.

This kind of stuff happens a lot in liberal families. Pot by age 2, crack by age 4, methadone by age 6, cocaine by age 8, and heroin by age 10. LSD is not even an option until they are at least 12 and can handle the trips.

Sure all of that stuff fries brain cells, but then when you are a liberal the number of brain cells you have left doesn't matter anyway. You think with your emotions, not logic. You fabricate evidence and fudge numbers for pushing your own political agenda. It is more important that you feel good than follow a code of ethics and have morals, if you feel good doing bad things, liberals say go ahead and do the bad things. Your feelings are more important than being responsible for your own actions and behaviors, liberals claim. Anyone who tries to tell you to think about how your actions and behaviors affect other people are just fascists, claim the liberals. Moderates, Libertarians, and especially Conservatives are fascists because they use logic and reason and tell people to think of others before they act and take responsibility for one's own behaviors and actions. Hey hey slow down man, Liberals follow the Hippie movement of the 1960's despite this being 2007, if it feels good for you, you got to do it man. Experiment with drugs, they say. Don't let the man tell you otherwise. Why the Hippies gave blunts to their toddlers and everyone else as well as harder drugs. The more that Liberals give out illicit drugs to children, the more people will grow up to use them, and then that'll force government to finally legalize illicit drugs and using peer pressure they can be forced on everyone like alcohol and tobacco are forced on people by their peers as a way of being accepted by the group and being cool, daddy-o.

Well I myself am a moderate. I have a lot of friends who I lost because they used illicit drugs which eventually gave them serious physical and mental illnesses and then they committed suicide. They got started out as toddlers and some teenage relative got them hooked at an early age. I refused to use illicit drugs, so they shut me out of their lives. Now I have lived longer than they have, and I am left to talk about their sad stories. How they lost their jobs, how they had a criminal record, how they got sick, how they got poor, how they almost became homeless, how they eventually killed themselves. Then I think, what if, what if, what if they didn't get hooked in the first place? Then I think what if, what if, what if they legalize illicit drugs and it causes more people to get hooked and eventually kill themselves?

Let me make it perfectly clear, even if illicit drugs are legalized, I'd never use them. I consider them to be poison and I consider them to be addictive and deadly and can cost and ruin lives.

Please I beg you, don't get children hooked on drugs. See what happens when you do. Please visit these web sites:


The Anti-Drug

Free Vibe


Allan Erickson said...

Nice satire!

You had me fooled for a minute. I thought you were serious.

Good job, it made me laugh. I hope that was your intent.

If not, you are in over your head.

Armstrong Hammer said...

I am like Maddox in a way, so yes. Satire and sarcasm are methods that I use to blog.

Spinks said...

Satire? I don't know, this all seems like common sense stuff in my book. I think you're bang on the money AH.

It's a page right out of my current project