Saturday, March 3, 2007

How to prevent AIDS and unwanted pregnancies

It is a true fact that avoiding sex and avoiding sharing needle injections actually prevents AIDS. Most people don't get that and have all of the unprotected sex and share their dirty drug needles with the whole village and cannot figure out why the whole village got AIDS.

The 100% most effective form of birth control is avoiding sex as well. A woman cannot get pregnant if she avoids sex. If this happens a lot there won't be a lot of unwanted pregnancies any more.

The 100% most effective method of avoiding jail and rehab and probation from drug use is to avoid using drugs as well.

Just think of how much better humanity would be if people only had sex between a man and a woman to create a baby and if they don't want to create a baby they just don't have sex. The choice is a very simple one, and only responsible people would have a baby because they are best suited to take care of a baby because having a baby is a big responsibility.

Logically if you don't want the responsibility of having a baby, the smart choice is to not have sex at all. Logically only stupid and illresponsible people have sex and don't want to have a baby as a result. Why should society pay for birth control and abortions of people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors?

The same goes for AIDS, having unprotected sex and sharing dirty needles with each other is not only stupid but illresponsible. Yet this is the main way that HIV/AIDS is spread. In rare cases it is due to a blood transfusion, but usually the donor shared dirty needles or had unprotected sex with a lot of people to get the HIV infection in the first place.

It is just natural selection when stupid and illresponsible people die of AIDS, die of illicit drug overdoses, or have so many abortions that it messes up their bodies and they eventually die.

Somehow their parents and their teachers have failed to teach them how to be responsible for their actions and behaviors. Not only that but Hollywood movies and TV shows teach people how to be irresponsible with bad role models that do immoral and unethical things.

In fact, most of the problems in the world are caused by illresponsible people exactly like who I have outlined in this blog. They are enemies of humanity and they bring the rest of us down and put a drain on society, the economy, damage our culture, and prove what useless sacks of flesh and bones they really are.

If you are one of those people, start learning from your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions and behaviors and just grow up and become an adult and quit acting like spoiled children.

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