Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Modern Liberalism isn't that Liberal

When one speaks about liberalism, once often thinks about freedoms and rights and liberties. Yet why is it that Modern Liberals are trying to take away freedoms and rights and liberties?

For example, I wrote a blog about Global warming and I had two liberals get on and call me bad names and said I didn't have the right or freedoms to use my freedom of speech to write a blog about global warming. Many other liberals replied to me in email, or should I say hate-mail, making threats of violence and death on my person, on my family, if I continue to write about global warming and other political issues. In fact, this is happening in the rest of the world to anyone who is skeptical of liberal issues like global warming. Merriam-Webster defines liberalism as "a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties" yet clearly these liberals seem to be against the protection of political liberties to even disagree or be skeptical of them. What part of issuing threats of violence or threats of death are parts of liberalism that believe in progress and the essential goodness of the human race? If I am getting global warming and other liberal issues shoved down my throat and told to accept them without even investigating them, how can I have the autonomy of the individual?

I mean really I have nothing against people who support global warming, gay marriage, the right to die, abortion, and other liberal issues, what I take offense to is having them shoved down my throat on a daily basis, and when I start to ask questions about them and ask for proof and evidence that is not biased in some way, I get threats of violence and threats of death and get called bad names. I mean how is that a debate? In a debate you attack the issues, not the people who debate the issues.

I mean take Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General. He fired eight prosecutors for having bad performance reviews. NPR covers the story and reports that there are over 3000 documents released and bad performance reviews that have been documented. Yet cannot produce any evidence that the firings were illegal or any evidence that the bad performance reviews or 3000 documents are false. Not only have liberals taken this issue, but they got republicans taking it as well. In any other job, someone fired for having a bad performance review would not even be an issue. If Gonzales was a Democrat or Caucasian this might not even be an issue. All of a sudden liberals are accusing Gonzales of wrong-doing because of his race, and now some republicans have joined in. Folks the USA is a melting pot of many races, and we should be united and not divided.

Take the Iraqi war, many liberals want to end the war and have sabotaged the war efforts. If FDR and Winston Churchill had to face what George W. Bush and Tony Blair are facing from the liberals, Hitler would have won World War II, because the liberals like Joe Kennedy would have had us pull out of Europe, appease Hitler and let him take over any part of Europe that he wants to. Radical Islamic Terrorists are no different, Saddam had concentration camps as well, and the terrorists kill people who refuse to support them just like Saddam did. No WMDS, and the liberals want a "do over", but in real life there are no do overs. If we pull out of Iraq before the Iraqi government is stabilized, we run the risk of terrorist taking over Iraq and using it for a base to launch attacks on the USA, Europe, Israel, and other nations. The liberals speaking out against the Iraqi war are modern day Benedict Arnolds. Sure, Benedict Arnold was a patriot just as much as the war protesters are, like them he loved his country. He loved his country so much that he was willing to sell it out to its enemies in an attempt to try and make it better or set things up so that he'd be in control. Benedict Arnold was a traitor as well, just like all of the Iraqi war protesters who are giving aid and support to the terrorists by lowering the morale of troops fighting in Iraq and dividing the nation in a time when it should have been united against a common enemy.

The way I see it, moderates, conservatives, libertarians are all more liberal than liberals are.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Why we are losing the war on drugs.

As early as 2 years-old children are forced to smoke pot by teenagers. How can we combat that when young children are already hooked? Many liberals seem to be pro-illicit drugs and want to legalize them. Now young children are not only being indoctrinating into pro-illicit drugs, they are also being forced to use them as well.

This kind of stuff happens a lot in liberal families. Pot by age 2, crack by age 4, methadone by age 6, cocaine by age 8, and heroin by age 10. LSD is not even an option until they are at least 12 and can handle the trips.

Sure all of that stuff fries brain cells, but then when you are a liberal the number of brain cells you have left doesn't matter anyway. You think with your emotions, not logic. You fabricate evidence and fudge numbers for pushing your own political agenda. It is more important that you feel good than follow a code of ethics and have morals, if you feel good doing bad things, liberals say go ahead and do the bad things. Your feelings are more important than being responsible for your own actions and behaviors, liberals claim. Anyone who tries to tell you to think about how your actions and behaviors affect other people are just fascists, claim the liberals. Moderates, Libertarians, and especially Conservatives are fascists because they use logic and reason and tell people to think of others before they act and take responsibility for one's own behaviors and actions. Hey hey slow down man, Liberals follow the Hippie movement of the 1960's despite this being 2007, if it feels good for you, you got to do it man. Experiment with drugs, they say. Don't let the man tell you otherwise. Why the Hippies gave blunts to their toddlers and everyone else as well as harder drugs. The more that Liberals give out illicit drugs to children, the more people will grow up to use them, and then that'll force government to finally legalize illicit drugs and using peer pressure they can be forced on everyone like alcohol and tobacco are forced on people by their peers as a way of being accepted by the group and being cool, daddy-o.

Well I myself am a moderate. I have a lot of friends who I lost because they used illicit drugs which eventually gave them serious physical and mental illnesses and then they committed suicide. They got started out as toddlers and some teenage relative got them hooked at an early age. I refused to use illicit drugs, so they shut me out of their lives. Now I have lived longer than they have, and I am left to talk about their sad stories. How they lost their jobs, how they had a criminal record, how they got sick, how they got poor, how they almost became homeless, how they eventually killed themselves. Then I think, what if, what if, what if they didn't get hooked in the first place? Then I think what if, what if, what if they legalize illicit drugs and it causes more people to get hooked and eventually kill themselves?

Let me make it perfectly clear, even if illicit drugs are legalized, I'd never use them. I consider them to be poison and I consider them to be addictive and deadly and can cost and ruin lives.

Please I beg you, don't get children hooked on drugs. See what happens when you do. Please visit these web sites:


The Anti-Drug

Free Vibe

Saturday, March 3, 2007

How to prevent AIDS and unwanted pregnancies

It is a true fact that avoiding sex and avoiding sharing needle injections actually prevents AIDS. Most people don't get that and have all of the unprotected sex and share their dirty drug needles with the whole village and cannot figure out why the whole village got AIDS.

The 100% most effective form of birth control is avoiding sex as well. A woman cannot get pregnant if she avoids sex. If this happens a lot there won't be a lot of unwanted pregnancies any more.

The 100% most effective method of avoiding jail and rehab and probation from drug use is to avoid using drugs as well.

Just think of how much better humanity would be if people only had sex between a man and a woman to create a baby and if they don't want to create a baby they just don't have sex. The choice is a very simple one, and only responsible people would have a baby because they are best suited to take care of a baby because having a baby is a big responsibility.

Logically if you don't want the responsibility of having a baby, the smart choice is to not have sex at all. Logically only stupid and illresponsible people have sex and don't want to have a baby as a result. Why should society pay for birth control and abortions of people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors?

The same goes for AIDS, having unprotected sex and sharing dirty needles with each other is not only stupid but illresponsible. Yet this is the main way that HIV/AIDS is spread. In rare cases it is due to a blood transfusion, but usually the donor shared dirty needles or had unprotected sex with a lot of people to get the HIV infection in the first place.

It is just natural selection when stupid and illresponsible people die of AIDS, die of illicit drug overdoses, or have so many abortions that it messes up their bodies and they eventually die.

Somehow their parents and their teachers have failed to teach them how to be responsible for their actions and behaviors. Not only that but Hollywood movies and TV shows teach people how to be irresponsible with bad role models that do immoral and unethical things.

In fact, most of the problems in the world are caused by illresponsible people exactly like who I have outlined in this blog. They are enemies of humanity and they bring the rest of us down and put a drain on society, the economy, damage our culture, and prove what useless sacks of flesh and bones they really are.

If you are one of those people, start learning from your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions and behaviors and just grow up and become an adult and quit acting like spoiled children.