Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Modern Liberalism isn't that Liberal

When one speaks about liberalism, once often thinks about freedoms and rights and liberties. Yet why is it that Modern Liberals are trying to take away freedoms and rights and liberties?

For example, I wrote a blog about Global warming and I had two liberals get on and call me bad names and said I didn't have the right or freedoms to use my freedom of speech to write a blog about global warming. Many other liberals replied to me in email, or should I say hate-mail, making threats of violence and death on my person, on my family, if I continue to write about global warming and other political issues. In fact, this is happening in the rest of the world to anyone who is skeptical of liberal issues like global warming. Merriam-Webster defines liberalism as "a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties" yet clearly these liberals seem to be against the protection of political liberties to even disagree or be skeptical of them. What part of issuing threats of violence or threats of death are parts of liberalism that believe in progress and the essential goodness of the human race? If I am getting global warming and other liberal issues shoved down my throat and told to accept them without even investigating them, how can I have the autonomy of the individual?

I mean really I have nothing against people who support global warming, gay marriage, the right to die, abortion, and other liberal issues, what I take offense to is having them shoved down my throat on a daily basis, and when I start to ask questions about them and ask for proof and evidence that is not biased in some way, I get threats of violence and threats of death and get called bad names. I mean how is that a debate? In a debate you attack the issues, not the people who debate the issues.

I mean take Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General. He fired eight prosecutors for having bad performance reviews. NPR covers the story and reports that there are over 3000 documents released and bad performance reviews that have been documented. Yet cannot produce any evidence that the firings were illegal or any evidence that the bad performance reviews or 3000 documents are false. Not only have liberals taken this issue, but they got republicans taking it as well. In any other job, someone fired for having a bad performance review would not even be an issue. If Gonzales was a Democrat or Caucasian this might not even be an issue. All of a sudden liberals are accusing Gonzales of wrong-doing because of his race, and now some republicans have joined in. Folks the USA is a melting pot of many races, and we should be united and not divided.

Take the Iraqi war, many liberals want to end the war and have sabotaged the war efforts. If FDR and Winston Churchill had to face what George W. Bush and Tony Blair are facing from the liberals, Hitler would have won World War II, because the liberals like Joe Kennedy would have had us pull out of Europe, appease Hitler and let him take over any part of Europe that he wants to. Radical Islamic Terrorists are no different, Saddam had concentration camps as well, and the terrorists kill people who refuse to support them just like Saddam did. No WMDS, and the liberals want a "do over", but in real life there are no do overs. If we pull out of Iraq before the Iraqi government is stabilized, we run the risk of terrorist taking over Iraq and using it for a base to launch attacks on the USA, Europe, Israel, and other nations. The liberals speaking out against the Iraqi war are modern day Benedict Arnolds. Sure, Benedict Arnold was a patriot just as much as the war protesters are, like them he loved his country. He loved his country so much that he was willing to sell it out to its enemies in an attempt to try and make it better or set things up so that he'd be in control. Benedict Arnold was a traitor as well, just like all of the Iraqi war protesters who are giving aid and support to the terrorists by lowering the morale of troops fighting in Iraq and dividing the nation in a time when it should have been united against a common enemy.

The way I see it, moderates, conservatives, libertarians are all more liberal than liberals are.

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