Monday, February 26, 2007

Why we are losing the war on terror

It began early on, a nation united is a very powerful and unbeatable thing. Abraham Lincoln said that a house divided among itself cannot stand during the Civil War. During World War II FDR had united the USA in the war effort. Both Republican and Democratic Presidents agree that the USA needs to be united against a common enemy.

So why aren't the USA united against a common enemy anymore and are fighting ourselves? Seriously WTF?

The answer is that the Liberals divided us, the Secular Progressives as well. At first they supported the war, and then they found excuses not to support it. They divided a nation when it needed to be united. They sabotaged the war effort and in doing so gave aid and support to the enemy, the terrorists the enemy of all humanity. Voting down body armor and voting down funding to train Iraqis to take the place of US troops. Creating blogs and editorial newspaper sites that have a constant Anti-USA ranting and raving. Secular Progressives like Rosie O'Donnell took the Islamic Terrorists as a cheap shot against Radical Christians who are not into terrorism at all. When all of these things started to happen, we begun to lose the war on terror. They keep on attacking by any means necessary, these Benedict Arnolds, these backstabbers. These attention whores like Cindy Sheehan who uses her son's corpse to promote her own biased political agenda with no regard on how it effects men and women in the US Military and lowers their moral and makes it easier for the enemy to kill them so more mothers can join her in suffering a loss of a child.

Do these people even think before they act? Do they really know the consequences of their actions and behaviors and the bad decisions they keep making that have doomed us all?

Use peaceful protests like Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used, the Liberals are using the wrong tactics. This is only making things worse.

Now that we know Iraq wasn't connected to 9/11 attacks or had WMDs, we need to pull out troops from Iraq and put them in Afghanistan or bring some of them home. Liberals are not going to accomplish that by name calling, getting violent, using personal attacks and other fallacies, and sabotaging the war effort. Some of these Liberals in giving help and aid to the enemy are the real war criminals. But lucky for them the Bush Administration does not care if they are, and doesn't stop them from protesting.

We need a change in this nation, we need hope, we don't need a lot of negativity and back stabbing. I expect more out of Liberals and hope the next Democratic President does better and fights this war better or at least resolves it. I got a feeling since the Bush Administration is so unpopular that the next President will be a Democrat. We can do better as a nation than we are now.

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Chris said...

I, respectfully, disagree. Completely.